Monday, January 23, 2012

A beautiful and productive day!

Turned off in the mid-fifties, sunshiney, a light breeze and just all around very nice.

We got blood pulled on Missy and sent off to see if she settled this time.When we sent off in December, she came back as open. Although Bella did come back pregnant (and is showing a nice little baby bump now), and they both came back CAE negative, WOOT!

We also got their feet trimmed, Bella got her 100 days pregnant worming, got them both copper bolused, and we got the barn all cleaned. And, we even got a bunch of clothes hung on the line to dry. It almost felt like spring out there (you hush, I can too pretend it's spring in January) Feels good to get so much done out there.

And, just because pics are always good, here are a couple of pics of Bella's baby belly. We have taken to calling her Belly Bean. :) She is due March 23rd.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A home for the holidays

On December 21st, we were headed out to do some last minute Christmas shopping. The first snow of the season had just passed and it was very cold and windy. We stopped at the gas station out on the highway and I went into pay. The front of the store is set back, and underneath the over hang rests the ice cooler and a bench. 

As I walked past the bench, a little black kitty came out from under it. I crouched down to pet her, but though she wound around the legs of the bench and acted like she really wanted to be friendly, she wouldn't quite let me touch her. 

I went on in to pay and asked the lady behind the counter who's kitty that was. She said she didn't know and that the kitty must have been dumped and that it had been out there for two or three days. That put the poor kitty out in the cold, huddled under the bench beside the ice cooler through some of our coldest weather this winter. Snow was on the ground and the wind bitter.

So on my way back out I stopped and talked to the kitty. She finally came close enough to let me touch her and I scooped her up. She tensed for only a second and then melted into my arms. She was so cold. In the van she went and we turned around and took her home.

Closer inspection revealed that she was indeed a she and probably in the 3 to 4 month age range. She is incredibly sweet and relaxed. Took to the dogs immediately and doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. The resident cats all spat and growled and she just kind of looked around like, "What?" 

She sneezed and wheezed the first week here, but plenty of food, water and warmth has pretty much restored her health. She uses the litter box like she is suppose to and even loves the kids.Though short haired, she is still very puffy. So we named her, Miss Puff Kitty. Puff for short.

When Christmas day came a few days later, instead of huddling on the cold ground, hungry and homeless, she had the warmth of a new home, surrounded by her new family as she skittered among the scraps of wrapping paper.

Here is Miss Puff Kitty, reclining on the back of the couch downstairs. Happy to have a home and warm place to sleep.

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