Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby asparagus and Baby Chickens!

After wanting for many years, we finally got an asparagus bed put in. I am really not sure what took us so long, but I am glad its finally done. And we already have baby asparagus popping up!

And, we brought in twelve new baby chickens this year! Its been a couple of years since we had any chicks here. They sure are cute buggers. We have a mix of Barred Rocks, Brown Leghorns, and Black Australorp. I really wanted some Production Reds and White Rocks as well, but the farm store was out of them.

My youngest loved getting to hold the babies when they first came home.

We fixed up an old metal rabbit hutch for them. Its ugly I know, but we are going to paint it. We actually got it almost six years ago. It was on freecycle and we used a full sized van to pick it up. It is incredibly heavy and six feet long. We barely got it wedged in the side door. We tied the side door shut and drove an hour home the back way with it hanging partially out the side door,lol. Hey it worked, its here. It has house rabbits and injured adult chickens in the past. For the last couple of years it has house nothing and we almost got rid of it earlier in the year. But we have learned from past experiences that you never get rid of animal related stuff because the minute you do, you will need it. So instead, we moved it across the yard so that its next to the garage, took out the wire floor in the enclosed half, put in a wood floor, put in a heat lamp (the cord runs through the window into the garage) and installed baby chickens.

This big metal piece slides out so that when they are bigger (or if it ever gets around to actually warming up) they can go out into the wire side too.

The babies installed in their new home. Well their new home until they are bigger and can join the older ladies in the pen.

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  1. What a cool place for the chicks to grow up in! And free, to boot!

  2. That always happens to me. Something can set around for months/years and the minute I get rid of it I think of something I could have used it for. That looks like a perfect place for those chicks.

  3. They're so cute! I bet they are very pretty when they grow up.