Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been terribly remiss in my blogging duties, but things have been crazy busy this past week. 

Belly Bean (Bella) finally had her babies last week. She had twins, one buckling and one doeling. She kidded with no complications and is wonderful on the milk stand. Her udder came in beautiful and she is producing well for a first freshener.

We also have a little flock of twelve babies chickens. A mixture of Production Reds, Ameraucana and Lavender Ameraucana. 

With nice weather and the all of the babies, we've spent a lot of time outside. But, as my mother reminded me, I really needed to blog so any followers don't think that Bella is still laying around like an orca.

Introducing, Oat Bucket Farm Just A Kiss (Bella's registered name is CrossRoads End Lady Antebellum)

And her brother Buddy (my youngest thinks Buddy is his goat)

And of course, the new baby chickens in their rabbit hutch turned chicken brooder. 

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