Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to my in-town-hobby-homesteading blog

Hopefully I will get back here often and you will enjoy what you read. We have a tiny place here on less than one acre, in town. Okay, well, its a small town without even one red light but still a town none the less. On our tiny plot of land we have our little herd of goats, a small flock of chickens, three dogs, five house cats,four pet rabbits,vegetable gardens, a strawberry bed, a small blackberry bramble, an incredibly unruly group of pumpkin vines, and three children-all boys- 11,9,and 2.

I don't know if I would classify us as homesteaders necessarily. I don't know if I would classify us as hobby farmers either. We rest somewhere on the line between the two worlds. We have raised and butchered both rabbits and chickens in the past but for now we prefer to just have our pet rabbits and for the most part, pet chickens. Our goats, while providers of milk are also pets. We have our gardens not just to be self sufficient but also because we just like the taste of home raised vegetables better than the taste of what we can get at the store. We also like it because we know what has and has not been sprayed on them. We have our chickens because we enjoy their company and because they taste of their eggs outshine the taste of store eggs a thousand to one and also because we know the health and living conditions of the chickens. The same holds true for the goats. So since we really aren't doing it to be self sufficient but simply because our taste buds like it and we enjoy the work and company of the animals, not sure we can be homesteaders. Not sure we can really be hobby farmers either since we do preserve the produce out of our gardens and can butcher out and eat a bunny we raised.

We began changing to this lifestyle four or five years ago. We feel it is a better,healthier,greener, (and tastier) lifestyle for us and our children. In some areas we are still learning and in others we know our way around pretty good. Sometimes things go exactly as planned and other times everything than can go wrong,does.

I will do my best to come here often and share our adventures in "In-Town-Hobby-Homesteading" with you be they projects that came out great or projects that failed. Recipes that came off without a hitch and others maybe need to be rethought. Garden plantings that exceeded our expectations or plantings that we stood there and scratched our heads over and wondered where the heck those plants got off to.

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