Sunday, February 20, 2011


There is green outside! Okay, so I know that it isn't technically spring yet. In fact we are looking at getting a bit of snow (I am really hoping the weather people are wrong about this) by the end of the week. But, there is green outside. The stems of the rose bushes are turning green, the strawberry plants are starting to turn green,little clover like plants are starting to spring up and there is a faint tint of green in the yard if you look closely.

The humidity is also back. For the past two days there has been a humid south breeze. Oh it was lovely! My parched sinuses were in heaven. It really has been a beautiful couple of days.

I even found some sort of dead flying insect in the goats' water bucket yesterday! Okay I know, getting excited about the return of bugs seems strange, but I am just so ready for spring.

We bought tons of seeds last week and in a couple of more weeks we will be tilling and planting the cold weather plants. I can't wait! We have so many garden plans this year, including reworking an old plot and creating a whole new one. Gearing up for garden season is almost as exciting as gearing up for kidding season which begins next week with Tally.

The dragging days of winter are almost over. Soon they will be replaced with a frenzy of activity. Green things will be growing, gardens will be getting put in,baby goats will be bouncing around and baby chickens will be cheeping. I love spring.

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