Monday, October 31, 2011

All Grown Up

You all got to see the baby chickens when they came home and when they were settled in their brooder. You got to see them when they graduated to the big chicken pen. And now, you get to see them all grown up. The hens are now laying and the one rooster we kept has grown into a handsome fellow. We kept him because he has a low voice that he rarely uses, he is easy on his hens and protective of them while being a gentleman with us. He is the reigning (and only) King.

Here is King Amos

 Amos with his hens

The hens, all grown up

Amos, flapping his wings and crowing his superiority 

And as fall comes on, some pics of our two milk does

Beyond Goats Ariel Star, we call her Lil'Miss

Helping my youngest up onto a spool

sticking her tongue out

 Crossroad's End Lady Antebellum. We call her Bella and sometimes Lady A

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  1. Nothing worse than a mean, roug-on-the-hens rooster. That's why then end up as soup around here. We have a nice rooster and hope he lasts a while because I hate having to go through growing out roosters knowing that most of them will be jerks. But they make yummy jerks I guess!

  2. Yeah, we have had a few roosters that turned out mean or were really noisy. Thankfully, King Amos is neither mean nor noisy.