Thursday, November 11, 2010

Garden Bedtime

A couple of days ago it finally got down cold enough at night that the garden reached its end. Due to a warmer than usual fall, it lasted longer than in previous years. But even with a warmer,longer fall, all good things must still come to an end.

So the last of the tomatoes, peppers,green beans,and cucumbers were picked and the plants pulled up. The garden lies empty now, its ground settled in to sleep for the winter. We put one last round of jars full of tomatoes through the canner and put up several quart bags of sliced peppers in the freezer. The green beans and cucumbers got ate, and the last of the zipper peas were put away.

Gardening and preserving are officially over for the year. Once we get past the holidays and the dreary days of January and February set in, it will be time to dive into the seed catalogs and begin the planning of next springs gardens.Here is a poem I wrote a while back, I think this is a good time of year to share it.

Season's Change 

On the northern wind
Lies Winter’s distant call
The passing of the seasons
From Summer’s hands to Fall

The sighing of a season
Who’s time is at its end
The little death of winter
Is just around the bend

The green of Summers leaves
Replaced by brilliant color
As the season passes
From one into the other

The bustle of the autumn
Replacing Summer’s lazy pace
Fall aromas ride a breeze
That’s cool upon the face

Soon the leaves will fade
Their bright colors turned to brown
A shifting carpet they will make
When they flutter to the ground

Leaving the branches naked
Through which the winter wind will blow
When the seasons change hands again
And the land is buried beneath the snow.


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