Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goat Chores

Today actually turned out beautiful today. It was in the 50's, sunshiny and no wind which is strange for Kansas, especially out in the more western parts where I am. I actually wore a t-shirt and had to shed my jacket.

Got everyone's feet trimmed. Lacey's feet look so much different than the feet she had when she arrived. They actually look like proper goat feet and she walks on them properly now.

And of course with feet trimming day comes with ending up smelling like a stinky buck. His feet need trimmed too. He is such a sweet gentleman though and stands so nicely for it that its worth putting up with his smell.

The little part Boer, part Nubian wether friend we have for our buck, his feet are starting to look better after copper bolusing and three trims. The sides still try to roll under and if the toes get long on the back the start to twirl and curl in the strangest fashion. He didn't really walk on the bottoms of his feet when he arrived, instead he was walking more on the sides.

Now his front feet sit more or less on the bottoms like they are suppose to and the backs are getting better. He walks better and is much more active now as well. Some of the could be nutrition and worming too. His eyelids were white and he was rather skinny when he arrived. The previous owners knew there was a worm problem in their herd and were working hard to bring it under control. Well either way, whether its because his feet are more proper now or because his worms are under control (his eyelids are dark pink to red)and he is putting on weight, he feels better and is more active now.

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