Sunday, January 2, 2011

12 Step Goat Program

I am a member of a goat forum and in a thread someone commented that goats were addcitive and that we needed a 12 step program. I realized after I read that, that we already have one. So I wrote out the steps so everyone can know them.

step 1. see goats on TV/in a magazine/on the internet

step 2. think they are neat and read a little about them

step 3. start thinking you might want some someday

step 4. see a goat in person and fall completely in love

step 5. decide that you definitely want goats after you have everything ready

step 6. (this is an important one) join forum full of goat addiction enablers or GAE's

step 7. talk to GAE's and start feeling that you really can't wait as long as you thought you could

step 8. read every link they give you

step 9. read posts on the forum made by the GAE's about pregnant goat bellies and look at pictures of baby goats and talk of wonderful milk and soap.

step 10. put deposits on a couple of disease free doelings (you learned about diseases from all of those GAE's) to be born in a couple of months because you can't stand waiting a moment longer

step 11. drag significant other out into the cold to help you build shelters and fencing as you scramble to be ready for the new arrivals.

step 12. bring home baby goats, fall completely and totally in love and start making breeding plans. Within a couple of weeks you purchase a buckling and friend for him. And the cute little doeling you saw for sale on the forum a couple of weeks later. Then put up another shelter and pen for the buckling, realize that maybe you do have room for that other cute little doeling you saw on that website and that maybe that handsome buckling you saw on the forum would be a good idea too because you will need someone to breed next year's babies too because you have to keep some of them to see how they turn out...

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  1. this is hilarious - you should post on the backyardherds site, everyone would love it