Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well as anyone who has prowled my website knows, we were originally planning on breeding our girls to a young Saanen buck that is owned by some friends of ours. But he is still a little too young and hasn't quite grown into his herd sire britches yet. They nicely offered the use of their mature Nubian buck, but we really have no desire to go that direction.

While were contemplating what to do and Fate was amusing himself by trying to trip us up, Serendipity decided to take a hand in matters. And so BigWig, a stunningly handsome young purebred LaMancha buck, came to live with us. Not only is he beautiful, but he also has the most fantastic personality. We are so happy to have him. Thank you Miranda at Beyond Goats for the opportunity to add him to our little herd.

We named him BigWig because the tuft of hair on his head reminded me of a rabbit by the same name in the book Watership Down.

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