Friday, October 8, 2010

Love is in the air

BigWig has settled in and is doing his job well. So far both Tally and Lacey both have accepted his advances. He seems to enjoy the fact that he is the only male and is happily blubbering and snorting and peeing on himself. The does of course just can't get enough of that wonderfully bucky behavior. The stench, the urine sprayed face, how much more attractive can you get? (gag!)The first day he was here it was like watching a small gaggle of school girls swooning over the newest teenage heart throb. They gathered at the fence and flirted like the shameless hussies they have become.

Because the acquisition of a buck was unexpected, we had no shelter for BigWig. But a couple of days of work (would have had it done in one if we'd had everything we needed) later and he has a nice hoop shelter with his hay and alfalfa in there. He still lives in our good sized chicken pen but he makes sure the hens stay out of his house. I guess he figures they have their own house with that yummy smelling chicken grain in it that he can't get to, so they had better stay out of his. Of course when he is spending time in the doe pen with the girls, the chickens take advantage of his absence and rifle through his house for anything they might want. He promptly chases them out when he returns to his pen.

However his reign as the only male will end as soon as we find a friend to be his penmate. This friend will most likely be a wether, so BigWig will still get to maintain the title of supreme buck.

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