Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chard Is So Pretty!

We have cut tons and tons of chard. It is holding up amazingly well in the awful heat we have been having. Its wonderful in salad, but there is no way we can eat that much salad fast enough to consume it all before it goes bad. So a bunch went into the freezer. We treat the leafy tops like spinach when we blanch and freeze it. The stalks we treat like broccoli when we blanch and freeze it. We eat the stalks like any other vegetable. The leaves we use like we would frozen spinach. It goes into dips, manicotti, enchiladas, etc. Usually right along with spinach.

A piled sink full, waiting to be washed.

So pretty!

Stalks waiting to be blanched.

More pretty leaves.

Leaves blanching

Blanched,cooled,and waiting to be bagged and frozen.

More pretty stalks.

Another beautiful leaf. They make really pretty additions to salads when fresh.

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