Thursday, July 14, 2011

Open Faced Veggie Sandwiches

I posted this last year, but its buried back there quite a ways. I thought I would post it again. Now is the time that the gardens are over flowing and the baby goats are being weaned, so there's lots vegetables and milk to be had. Make some of the milk into cream cheese, use the cheese to make this recipe and enjoy!

Open Faced Veggie Sandwiches

16 oz cream cheese 

1 envelope Hidden Valley Ranch Dip seasoning

two pimento stuffed green olives chopped small

a handful of black olives (more or less as you want) chopped small

1 or 2 cloves of garlic chopped small

green bell peppers and onion chopped small - as more or  little as you want but more is better with the bell pepper

two carrots, shredded with a cheese grater

shredded zucchini - however much you want 

Use hands and mix it all together well. Spread on toasted rye bread (whole wheat works nicely too) and top with sliced cucumber and tomato. Serve with celery sticks on the side and enjoy!

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  1. Hey!! Your back to blogging.... I'm your blogger follower (well one of them) and for some reason your blog updates weren't showing up on my dashboard thingy with all my other followed blogs....Now they are though :)

    Looks that you have the goats again you'll have to make chevre & try this with home made cheese!

  2. I have every intention of making every kind of cheese I can think of :) I am just so thankful things worked out to where I could have them again.I was so depressed without them here.Once Bella is back, things will be perfect.