Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pretty Colors of Summer in the Kitchen

As the canning of pickles, tomatoes, and green beans continues, I decided to stop for a moment and appreciate the colors of summer in the kitchen as we prepare vegetables for the canner and the freezer.

Sometimes I have to wonder how red, green, and gold became xmas colors when they are so obviously summer colors.

Yes the table was a bit of a mess, but when three children need lunch and you are the middle of preparing vegetables for processing, things aren't always perfectly tidy for an impromptu photo session. 

Spices waiting to be mixed with vinegar so they can get poured over the cumbers and be melded altogether into the most wonderful dill pickles.

More of those holiday colors contained in a bucket of summer

A day's picking. If you look close at the basket you will see a small tomato that should have went to the chickens instead of coming in the house. Even our abundant garden is not perfect and the chickens happily take care of any veggies that are past their prime for what ever reason.

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  1. What a great harvest from your garden. I agree, the red, green and gold are definitely summer colors.